I Am Filmmaker is a place where youth write a new story. We use the art of storytelling to cultivate values and skills necessary to thrive and succeed while maintaining strong ties to culture and community.


I Am Filmmaker was born in 2010 over a cup of coffee between a wise storyteller and a bold cinematographer.

Together, Phil and Greg shared a vision to ignite a passion for filmmaking. They recognized the value of individuals telling stories from their own unique perspective, and set out to equip others in the powerful life-impacting potential of digital storytelling.

Three months later the two flew into Bloodvein, Manitoba for a week-long adventure of equipping 15 Anishinaabe teenagers. After that there was no turning back. Today, I Am Filmmaker has grown to provide workshops both locally and internationally to indigenous communities, non-profits and corporations.


Storytelling is empowering.
When we tell our stories, the stories themselves become a powerful means for discovering truth, leading to healing, growth and transformation.

Our teaching philosophy is based upon the key educational cornerstones of diversity, creativity and integration, through attention to community, connection, collaboration, and confidence.


We are industry professionals with a combined 43 years experience in broadcast and filmmaking. We love what we do and have a passion to share our knowledge and experience with you and your group.


Through the use of hands-on filmmaking workshops, youth are inspired to find their voice, strengthen their identity, and realize their potential. Contact us to book an I Am Filmmaker workshop for your group.


Step onto a working film set to craft your own epic adventure through digital storytelling. Participants will spend the week


Take your place behind the camera for a weekend of digital storytelling. Through the weekend participants will shoot a film


Take a peek through the lens as a digital storyteller in our basic day-long workshop. Participants will finish the day by


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